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In the northern end of the Golden Horn, in the Eyüp neighborhood, stands the Eyüp Sultan Mosque. After Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, this is Muslims' fourth holiest location.

The name 'Eyup' derives from the fact that this significant name is Eyup Ensari in Turkish, who was the leader and close companion of the Prophet Muhammad Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. The mosque also served as the customary location for the Ottoman Sultans' coronation ritual, during which the new sultan used to be girded with the Sword of Osman.

Things to do at Eyup Sultan Mosque:

Take in the monument's beauty: The Abu Eyup Al Ansari shrine stands out as an eight-cornered, one-dome structure with a primarily white and blue interior. The temple allegedly had a passageway, but it was later incorporated into the walls. Ceramic designs embellish the shrine from bottom to top, turning it into a stunning paradise. The mosque includes two courtyards, one with ablution facilities and the other with a large sycamore tree where several royal festivities were conducted.

Associate with the sentiment of Islam: The embrace of Abu Eyup Al Ansari's tomb, also known as 'Eyup Sultan' by the Turks, is perhaps the mosque's most historically significant and spiritual element. Being the location of the Prophet's traditional burial, the bearer's this is one of Islam's holiest sites. People have always sought out this cemetery as a top location for burial because they wanted to be near the Prophets in the afterlife. Numerous graves of former Sultans from Istanbul's past may be seen on the route to the mosque.

Bow down and pray for mercy to the supreme: Eyup's tomb is a lovely and serene place to visit, and you may do so as part of your visit to the mosque. The tomb is covered in decorative tiles, giving the location a sombre and lovely vibe.

Casually soak in the beauty of the place: Stroll down the hill and through the Eyup cemetery to get to the mosque at the base of the hill. Climb up the hill, sit at the cafe and take in the view, which includes the Golden Horn and is undoubtedly one you'll want to photograph.

Allow a lot to happen over coffee here: You may ascend to the historic Pierre Loti Coffeehouse (the steps through the cemetery beside Eyup Sultan Mosque). For many years, the coffee shop has served as a gathering point for couples looking to escape from the city and experience some spiritual calm.

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Address of Eyup Sultan Mosque

Cami Kebir Sk. No:1 Merkez Mh, Istanbul 34050 Turkey

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