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The Souq, a vibrant traditional Bahraini market for which all of one's daily necessities are purchased and bartered, runs through the center of Muharraq City. Souq Al Qaisariya, located close to its southern end and plays a significant role in the historical walk, provides a more traditional perspective on Muharraq's marketplaces.


  • Experience the era globe by as you stroll in the narrow passages that stand starkly against concrete jungles:

The Souq seeks to recreate a classic Bahraini market cityscape through the arrangement of building blocks around courtyards, a frequent characteristic present in traditional Islamic architecture, and invoking Bahrain's past as a hub for commerce and fishing. With its mud-daubed structures, the market evokes a bygone period while continuing to be a center of activity where business and gossip clash. Its narrow lanes provide a picture of everyday life on the streets.

  • Explore the market, which sells traditional apparel, and jewelry:

The stores that line the Souq's lanes call with various functional and fantasy wares. The souq rewards treasure hunters with artifacts from the area, including shoes, antiques, and handicrafts. Antiquities compete for attention with nearby workshops' creations of woven textiles, carpets, wooden furniture, and glass ornaments. 

  • View some artwork:

The Souq features the works of local and visiting artists, all of which are offered for sale, and is decorated with lovely woodwork, hand-painted tiles, and vibrant lanterns.

The exhibition area is surrounded by workshops where visitors may observe artists at work or enroll in an art lesson.

  • Enjoy the performances on the street:

The Souq is busiest during the colder months when local or regional organizations offer cultural acts. The yearly Shop and Eid festivities frequently involve costume parades and street performances. Frequently occurring exhibits are also held in the Souq's open courtyards.

  • Eat like an expert:

The Souq contains cuisine to satisfy any hunger, from restaurants to street sellers. In the center courtyard, local women offer a variety of goods, including samosas, filled vine leaves, meat stews, and sweet dumplings. Take note of the assortment of delectable sweets, particularly the well-known handmade halwa, which is ideal with a cup of qahwa.

  • Purchase some local cosmetics:

Many regionally distinctive perfumes and cosmetics, such as oudh and musk, may be obtained at the Souq, along with custom-made fragrances, eyeliner, argan oil, and henna design stencils.

Get a fresh henna tattoo created by an on-site artisan as a momentary keepsake.

  • Revitalize your life:

Find the spices pouring out of jute sacks by following your nose.

This is where you may get exotic aromatics like saffron, zater, sumac, dried flowers, dried black lemons, and many types of dates, honey, tea leaves, and coffee beans in addition to whole or crushed spices. 

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Address of Muharraq Souq

Al Muharraq, Bahrain

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