Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, a working animal care facility, is dedicated to the health of falcons, that have long played a significant role in Emirati society and are one of Abu Dhabi's more esoteric attractions. For thousands of years, Bedouins in the United Arab Emirates have utilized falcons to aid in their hunting and food scavenging.

Since hunting is no longer permitted in Abu Dhabi, falconry is more of a hobby than a practical skill. However, the birds continue to be revered; tamed falcons have even been given UAE passports. The ADFH, which started in 1999, provides annual care for more than 8,500 falcons.

The Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi is one of the few, if any, venues in the world where you may interact in-depth with falcons. The facility, which is the top falcon welfare institute in the world, provides educational tours that include practical experiences.

This distinctive aviary hospital is renowned throughout the world for its falcon-focused care, especially the way it is made accessible to the general people. Birders adore this location. Families and small student groups are especially fond of doing the tours here.

Cooperation between the falconer and his bird is necessary for successful falconry. The falconer wins his bird's confidence and obedience by treating it softly and sympathetically. A falconry experience enables you to learn about this ancient practice firsthand. Over the years, UAE falconers have developed unique rearing and breeding techniques.

The majority of desert safari excursions provide the opportunity to learn about falconry, through guided visits to this well-regarded specialty hospital are offered and strongly advised. You can browse the museum that provides information on the noble arid sport of falconry, tour the opulent wards where the birds are housed, and even try your luck at it in the hospital's magnificent gardens.

Highlights of the tour:

A visit to our distinctive falconry museum, where you can see displays of unique instruments and equipment and gain a thorough understanding of the sport's traditional roots

An understanding of falcon identification and their distinctive falcon passports

The trip to the examination room, where you can observe the priceless falcons getting 'pedicures' or having their feathers repaired. You will work in the actual world while being surrounded by various falcons.

Visit our sizable free-flight aviary to see falcons maintained there and allowed to soar around freely.

The tour's high point will be a memorable experience for you. You will get the incredible chance to shoot pictures while the gorgeous falcons are perched on your arm.

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    2 hours

Address of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Sweihan rd, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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