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Since it opened its doors in 2007, The Louvre Abu Dhabi has made a significant contribution to Abu Dhabi's cultural landscape. It is an arresting structure that will make you want to peek inside thanks to its bright white domed ceiling. This museum has more to offer than you might anticipate, in addition to the intrinsic exhibits and marvelling at the reflections of great painters' ideas. Undoubtedly not your typical museum, The Louvre Abu Dhabi requires at least three hours to fully explore its exhibits and collections.

Being one of the biggest, it is the most popular tourist destination in the UAE and one of the most fascinating museums in the Gulf is Louvre Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the magnificent architecture of the one-of-a-kind design, the structure, the floors, and the walls, which serve as a visual expression of the creative artists. Exploring the vast collection of artefacts, works of art, and exhibits from various civilizations and periods in human history is part of visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The galleries of the Louvre are arranged into 12 such parts that concentrate on similar themes and ideas that reveal common links throughout the entirety of humanity. The galleries tell the tale of humanity in twelve different chapters. Artifacts from the primordial era through modern creations are all on show. Visit the Louvre in Abu Dhabi to see humanity from a brand-new perspective.

Experience this one-of-a-kind brand-new-perspective as you paddle a kayak out into the calm Arabian Sea and explore every one of the magnificent artifacts. Experience the spectacular architecture of the museum from a different angle while being accompanied by qualified instructors and having your safety guaranteed.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is also a family-friendly museum where children may enjoy themselves and pass the time while soaking up the knowledge around them. Explore the Children's Museum interactively to discover how the artists create their art and employ various media to display it and give information.

To learn more about the museum, each year, the Louvre Abu Dhabi presents four temporary exhibitions that follow the same thematic framework as the museum galleries' permanent collections. The displays show how different civilizations and cultures interact, compare, and share ideas.

Purchase a memento from the Museum Boutique to take home with you a work of art from the gallery, whether it be a present or a book to go deeper into and broaden one's knowledge. The store, which was created by Jean Nouvel, has a fantastic selection of books from all over the world as well as one-of-a-kind designer goods.

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    2 hours

Address of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Cultural District Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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