Artists Alliance Gallery

The Glo Art Gallery, which opened in 1968, failed in less than five years because Glover, like the absent farmer, was unable to physically tend to his 'crops' because of further studies abroad. Unfazed, he continued to build the basis for the Art Alliance with another artist enthusiast before it was destroyed by the uprising in Ghana at the time. The family started working on constructing an art gallery at Nungua with the help and encouragement of his wife, Ewurasi.

The structure was finished and inaugurated in March 1993. Then a local traffic bottleneck practically brought the project to an end. Unfazed, they began preparing alternative strategies. And from this, a three-story structure was created to house the very best African art.

This renowned art space was founded by the highly esteemed Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover and has grown to be one of the most significant of its kind in Ghana. There are three spacious floors with galleries made of cool marble. Some are by well-known artists like Ebenezer Borlabie, while others are by up-and-coming ones like George Hughes and Owusu Ankomah, whose works are evocative of Willem De Kooning and Jean Michel Basquiat. Political satires are mixed with market, rural, and urban settings; of course, Glover himself also contributes to the cloaked individuals and jerky crowd scenes.

A reputable gallery with three carefully arranged floors of sculpture and painting by renowned and upcoming Ghanaian artists. This well-known gallery might not provide you with the frantic experience of the city's street markets, but it is a surefire place to find high-quality things while making sure a fair percentage of the money gets to the artist. Every item has an authorized, non-negotiable price label.

When you go into this beachside gallery, you'll see a mosaic of works of art created by numerous personalities with diverse backgrounds. Both male and female, young and old, well-known and essentially unknown artists are represented by their works on show. There are also collector's items like vintage Akan and Ewe strip-woven Kente fabrics, Picasso-inspired African masks, Asafo flags with appliquéd and stitched emblems, and finely carved furniture. Full-sized coffins in the forms of sneakers, running eagles, and crabs are also on display. A nice pool is located in the backyard.

Three floors of breathtaking exhibits of Ghanaian artists' talent include photography, paintings, woodwork, textiles, furniture, jewelry, and more. There are four rooms filled with ancient and replica Ghanaian coffins, sculptures, carvings, masks, and kente fabric in addition to two levels of contemporary paintings.

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    3 hours

Address of Artists Alliance Gallery

Labadi Road, Omanye House, Accra Ghana

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