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Ghana, today is known as the Gold Coast, gained its independence from Britain in 1957 under the leadership of Ghanaian politician and nationalist Kwame Nkrumah. Nkrumah became Ghana's first prime minister and president, and to commemorate his country's newly acquired independence, he ordered the creation of a sizable public space. All of the large military and civic parades now take place in Accra, the capital of Ghana, at Black Star Square, also referred to as Independence Square. To correspond with Queen Elizabeth II's state visit, it was finished in 1961.

Black Star Square has held all of the main national military parades, national festivals, public meetings, and concerts since the inaugural parades in celebration of the Queen's visit up until the present. The Independence Day parades, which take place in the square annually on March 6th, are the most significant parade.

Large stands with a combined seating capacity of 30,000 surround the perimeter of the square to accommodate attendees at these events. The large area often is almost empty on a daily day, save for a few troops and a scattering of people who visit to see the main memorials that sit in and around the park, whereas these stalls and the plaza itself are crowded with people during events.

Mainly the events happen in the Independence Arch, which has the Gulf of Guinea as its backdrop, is one of these landmarks, located to the south of the area. The Memorial of the Unknown Soldier, which pays tribute to the Ghanaian soldiers who died defending their nation, is located on the other side of the square but facing the arch. The Black Star Gate, an impressive monument crowned with the Black Star of Africa, the five-pointed star that represents Africa in general and Ghana in particular, is located in the center of the roundabout just to the north of the main square.

The Independence Arch:

  • The Independence Arch is protected by numerous soldiers, who forbid anybody but those with official permission from taking close-up photos of it. However, any tourist or visitor is free to take photos of the surrounding region.

Liberation Day Monument:

  • Accra, Ghana has a monument called the Liberation Day Monument. It is dedicated to various veterans of the Commonwealth troops' Second World War operations in Burma, where the veterans fought for the British Empire. Upon their return to Ghana, some of the veterans organized a nonviolent demonstration and marched to Christiansborg Castle, which served as the colonial government of Ghana at the time. Seven of the veterans were murdered when shots were fired at the demonstrators.
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