Osu Castle

The Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christainsborg, is the only castle you can find in the capital and has a little charm thanks to a fascinating historical background, nice renovations, and knowledgeable tour guides. There has been some renovation, yet you will still find the original objects and information you require. In 2017, the Osu castle underwent renovations to become a presidential museum as part of our nation's 60th-anniversary legacy project.

Waxworks, presidential artifacts, presidential papers, as well as some antique paintings of former colonial leaders, artwork, books, and other materials in our possession that allow us to suitably respect the magnificent history behind all, are now on display in the museum.

Best things to do:

  • The prestigious rooms that past British officials and the former president of Ghana used, the slave dungeons, the path leading to the door of no return, the water reserve, and the church inside the castle are all accessible to visitors because the castle is open to tourists.

  • Visitors are welcome to view photographs on exhibits of notable Ghanaians throughout history, including Azumah Nelson, Efua T. Sutherland, and other Pan-Africanists.

  • The castle may be photographed by visitors and photographers. At Osu Castle, photographers can take pictures of anything they choose, including historic fishing boats and expansive gardens with a range of architectural styles and relics.
  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Osu Castle

Accra Ghana

Opening & Closing time of Osu Castle

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