Addis Ababa has a deep sense of native Ethiopian heritage despite being urban. Whether its architecture, culture, or gastronomy has lured you, you'll be delighted here. Addis Abeba, which literally means 'New Flower,' features towering buildings and all the grandeur one would anticipate from a metropolis. Great cathedrals, mosques, and museums offer solace, enlightenment, inspiration, and relief to visitors from across the globe. There are several cultural landmarks and thrilling things to pursue, no matter what your inclinations may be. Only 150 years have passed since Addis Ababa's inception. However, the city now boasts a population of over 5 million and has developed into the economic and cultural hub of the nation.

Let's commence with the historical aspect of this place primarily. If you are a sucker for the sole history and culture of a place, then you must definitely visit the National Museum of Ethiopia situated in Addis Ababa. Many of Ethiopia's artistic masterpieces and the most priceless archaeological discoveries, including early hominid fossils, are kept at the country's national museum. The fossilized remains of Lucy, the earliest known hominid and estimated to be 3.25 million years old, are shown here, making it one of Addis Abeba's most visited tourist attractions.

If you are looking for something paralleled with a decent social scenario, then you should also check out the Chiromeda market, which is the biggest outdoor farmer's market and artisan market in Ethiopia. The market, which is set up along the street and spans a sizable area, focuses on regional handicrafts and weaving products as well as some of the vegetables and fruits that are grown locally.

The Simien Mountain Park in Addis Ababa is also worth visiting as it is a distinctive location blanketed with unique wildlife and spellbinding views of a traditional and natural agricultural environment. Unmatched panoramas along the promontory and down to the descending lowlands are available from the observation platforms at Gidir Got and lmet Gogo in the Simien Mountains National Park's center.

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