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Al Husseini Mosque, Amman's oldest mosque, has served as the center of the city's central region and a significant gathering spot for people from all walks of life since it was established more than eight decades ago. It is based only a short distance away from the gleaming, well-known gold souq in central Amman.

The Ottoman-style mosque is made up of eye-catching pink-and-white stone on the site of an earlier mosque that was first built in 640 AD by Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam. It is thought to be the location of the Cathedral of Philadelphia. It is described as not only a place of worship but also a monument to the city's history and a location of many memories for Amman's older population. Its minarets can be seen from a long distance, which makes it a valuable tool for getting lost when exploring the city. Learn more about Jordan's past by exploring the Grand al-Husseini Mosque. This Islamic building, constructed in 1924 by the emir Abdullah bin al-Hussein, is frequently referred to as the King Hussein Mosque.

Follow the crowds of believers to the mosque when it's time for Duhr (noon) prayer or Friday prayer to see it in action. While you're here, stop by the nearby souks to pick up some spices, fruits, and nuts or indulge in some baklava and kanafeh.

Revisit the mosque when it's quieter to appreciate its architectural design. During the warmest part of the day, local men are commonly observed talking and catching up while sitting on the wide sidewalk in the shade of the towering building. The prayer hall is the next stop after you enter and is immediately followed by the lovely fountain, which serves as the courtyard's centerpiece.

Men sit in the shade of the building during the sweltering midday sun on the big sidewalk and little plaza in front of the structure.

Two well-known souqs are besides this mosque: Souq Bukharia (great for purchasing souvenirs) and Souq Al-Sukar (fruit, vegetables, nuts, and spices.)

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Address of Grand Husseini Mosque

King Talal Street, Amman Jordan

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