Mosque of Ibn Tulun

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This massive mosque, the largest in Cairo in terms of land size, was constructed in the ninth century CE on Ahmad Ibn Tulun's instructions. Ahmad Ibn Tulun was a fascinating man who came from modest origins. Because it served as a sanctuary for North African pilgrims travelling to the Hijaz in the 12th century, the mosque sustained damage. Fortunately, Alam al-Din Sanjar al-Dawadar, at the request of Mamluk Sultan Lajin, restored and repaid it in 1296. In addition to its historical significance, the Ibn Tulun mosque is regarded as one of the main structures that have considerably influenced the advancement of architecture outside of the Muslim world.

Its architectural diversity was much above the expectations of mediaeval architects, particularly those from Europe, and as a result, it became a showcase for them to copy and aspire to. The building of a structure could withstand fire if all of Egypt were to be destroyed by flames and withstand flood if all of Egypt were to be flooded. The mosque's beautiful tower, which is renowned for having an outside spiral stairway like that of the Great Mosque of Samarra in Iraq, is one of its most striking characteristics. It occupies an area of more than 6 acres (2.5 hectares), and consists of a huge courtyard constructed to divide the inner sanctuary from the secular community around it. Each side of the courtyard is lined with four covered halls, and a 13th-century fauwara fountain has replaced the original gilt-domed fountain from the ninth century. The breathtaking vista doing the challenging climb to the minaret, accessible from outside the courtyard with the most resemblance, is well worth it. Concerning the minaret, the large rectangular piers with engaged corner columns, and other characteristics of the Samarra mosque in modern-day Iraq, it is a highly significant tourist hub.

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Address of Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Ahmed Ibn Tolon Sq. Tolon, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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