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As you enter the expansive gardens of Anguri Bagh, housed in the Khas Mahal in the Agra Fort, you are greeted by a scene of luxuriant vegetation. The region is a great choice if you want to enjoy the peace while learning about the history of the Mughals who once governed the city. The Garden of Grapes got its name since it used to be known for its abundant grape creepers (Anguri Bagh). The Anguri Bagh's surroundings are made of white marble, originally painted in gold and embellished with elegant and beautiful murals. It is a lovely courtyard with an open-square design built around a geometrically designed garden. It was designed to provide royal ladies with a peaceful haven.

The site where Shah Jahan constructed the 'zenana,' a private area where women might unwind and speak, was well known for its copious flower and wine harvests. In the past, royal bathhouses were positioned in the neighboring structures. With Khas Mahal to its east and red sandstone arcades on its other three sides, it has the central square of the zenana apartments or the royal ladies' residential quarters. The garden was divided into sections in a beautiful geometric layout, and in the middle was a marble platform with a fountain. As the name suggests, this garden was renowned for consistently delivering the best grapes and flowers. It was designed to provide perfect seclusion for the royal women while acting as a beautiful getaway or paradise garden. Hammams, or imperial bathhouses, with breathtaking royal blue and gold wall paintings, were located to its northeast. The ponds and baths in this area were always filled with water thanks to the tanks near the Jehangir Mahal. This private ladies' garden within the Agra Fort is thought to have gotten its name from the decoration on the roof of the Khas Mahal (Private Palace). It has a parterre, a marble cascade, and an ornamented reflecting pool.

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Agra Fort, Agra 282002 India

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