The city of Kozhikode in Kerala is a tranquil little coastal region with many natural resources that enhance the way of life of the residents. This is a well-liked vacation spot that is also referred to as Calicut. Without a doubt, Kozhikode is the best option if you are searching for a escapade from the bustle of city life.

This gentle city is truly a piece of heaven on earth with its exquisite beauty, rich culture, and legacy. There are plentiful fun things to do here that you will never get bored. The area offers something for everyone, from grand buildings to popular retail areas, from nightclubs to religious sites, from street cuisine to fine dining establishments, and from peaceful beaches to spice gardens. Everything about this site is lovely. The most breathtaking sunrise and sunset views will be revealed to you.

The beaches here are quite popular because of the straight palm palms, decked fishing boats, and stunning scenery. Kappad beach is one of the area's most well-known and romantic beaches. In addition to its beautiful setting, Kozhikode Beach is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy the sunset while swimming in the crystal-clear waters of these beaches.

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding inside the premises of ‘Snow Fantasy’, a destination perfected for tourists. Mananchira Square in Kozhikode is a natural green paradise to spend your leisure time with your family. Next, you can make your way to the Peruvannamuzhi dam that adorns the Western Ghats with its excellent site. Enjoy the various shows and displays with projecting technology in Regional Science Centre And Planetarium.

Soak in the utmost beauty of the vast Malabar Coast while enjoying the beach, the lighthouse, the theater, and much more in the Payyoli region. Venture out to the eco-friendly development area of Sarovaram Bio Park, which is located next to the Canoly Canal to witness beautiful mangrove forests, different habitats of birds, and wetlands. Surrounded by amazing assets of nature, such as lush greeneries and tireless waterbodies, Thusharagiri Waterfall is an ideal tourist spot in Kozhikode.

From aesthetically beautiful places to temples, wildlife reserves, dams, adventure parks, fragrant forests, malls, and much more, the place has everything you want to enjoy on a perfect holiday.

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  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages in public places.
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