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SM Street, known for its constrained cobblestone pavement and vintage halwa shops, is held in high regard by most of Kozhikode's natives. Because it has been in operation for more than 500 years, the Mittai Theruvu, a road dating back to the Zamorin era, is considered one of the oldest markets or trading centers in the state of Kerala.

It is one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood because it contains seemingly never-ending rows of stalls dotted with sweets, savory foods, and various delectable items.


• Look into the past here:

This theruvu brings together various sentimental stories and historical incidents for Kozhikode, a city with strong ties to its past. As a result, it contributes to the formation of the city's collective memories.

The street's historic buildings have not been altered by the development of the street, which has helped the community maintain its connection to its history and culture. The author of the travelogue known as Oru Theruvinte Katha, for which S.K. Pottekkat is best known, had his statue positioned so that it faced the road. Smaller temples can be discovered strewn about the street in various locations.

• People flock here to get a taste of the genuine, unadulterated flavor of sweets and savories:

The legendary Sweet Meat (SM) street, also referred to as Mithai Theruvu, is the busiest street in the Kozhikode district and is an absolute must-visit location for those looking to indulge in such delicacies. The halwa can be purchased in several different flavors, all popular in the region. To make it, pure coconut oil is used, and then it is mixed with various dried fruits.

You can also stuff your face with a well-known regional specialty, biryani, and the sweets offered.

• Discover the answers to your shopping questions right here:

Because stores along the street sell branded goods, it is an excellent location for people of varying socioeconomic classes to go shopping.

Bargaining with street vendors is open to consumers from various socioeconomic backgrounds.

The street sells everything you could ever want or need, from candies to spices, clothing to electronics, handlooms to textiles, and so on.

The most well-known local handicrafts are snake boat toys, carvings made of rosewood and buffalo horns, and items made of coir, such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, and mattresses. Other locally made items include rosewood and buffalo horn carvings.

• Participate in pomp and frivolity during regional celebrations:

Since the street is open until midnight during the holy months of Ramadan, Vishu, Onam, and Bakri-ID, the festivities shine the brightest and are heard the loudest. Although the street is busy all year long, it is especially busy during those months.

The best times of the week to find amazing deals are on weekends and other holidays.

• Spend some time here and treat yourself to some crafty clothing: 

When Gujarati merchants first arrived in Kozhikode from Ahmedabad hundreds of years ago, the Zamorin ruler gave them locations to set up shop in the area to the south of the palace grounds. Today, that area is home to a sprawling cloth market.

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S M Street, Kozhikode 673001 India

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