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Beypore Beach is a charming coastal community tucked away in Kerala's understated but beautiful Kozhikode District. It is covered in vivid shades of green and surrounded by mystic shades of blue at the mouth of the dynamic Chaliyar River.

Things to do at Beypore Beach:

• The 1,500-year-old tradition of the shipbuilding industry is one of the main draws of this location.

This location's shipyard is renowned for producing Uruses and Dhows, the traditional trading ships of Arabia. This craft, which has been practiced for more than 1500 years, is carefully performed by extraordinarily skilled master artisans. Additionally, Beypore is credited with producing the sturdy wooden barges Cleopatra used to cross the Suez Canal.

• This beach is immaculate and ideal for a peaceful outing.

It is one of Kerala's most picturesque locations because of the three crescent-shaped beaches created by rocks jutting into the Arabian Sea. Unwind here to stay close to nature.

• Stroll around the beach to learn more about Kerala's traditional village culture:

Beypore is well-known for its long-standing boat-building industry because its name appears on ancient Kerala's trade and maritime maps. This location offers a wonderful marine experience with silhouettes of fishing boats scattered throughout and a stone pathway jutting 2 km into the water.

• Participate in water sports and explore the area's beaches:

This location provides wonderful experiences to all visitors looking for peace, adventure activities, shopping, sunbathing, eateries, and many more, whether they are beach lovers or adventure freaks.

Water Sports Adventure seekers have many activities to choose from, including surfing, parasailing, skiing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, tanning, and more.

• Come for the view, stay for the therapies:

With its picturesque atmosphere, long stretches of golden sand, and fascinating coconut trees that sway tenderly in the cool breeze, the charming beach is like a hidden gem of peace and tranquility. Take a quick break from your hectic schedule and travel to Beypore beach, where you can indulge in endless Ayurvedic massages.

• Food and Retail Corners dotted around will ensure you pick something for yourself:

Some places, like Sweat Meat Street, are known for being the pickiest places to shop for various goods. You can sample the well-known 'Kozhikodan Halwa,' sold in many stores in this area.

The rich and delectable halwa with banana chips is a popular item for tourists purchasing goods from Kozhikode.

Another well-known shopping district on Big Bazaar Road is the spice market, where you can purchase a variety of Keralan spices at discount prices.

In addition to these, numerous restaurants provide a huge variety of delicacies. If you visit, you must try the seafood and traditional Malabari cuisine at least once.

• Explore the neighborhood:

1. Harbor of Beypore

2. Port of Beypore

3. Miami's Point

4. Kozhikode Beach Mananchira 

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Address of Beypore Beach

South of Kozhikode Centre, Kozhikode, India

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