Kakkayam Dam

Located in Kozhikode, the Kakkayam Dam is a lovely location well-known for its hiking trails and boating opportunities.

This less well-known location offers visitors the chance to hike on some of the area's most beautiful paths, which are dispersed throughout the surrounding landscape.

The natural splendor of the area and the abundance of opportunities for fun in the fresh air have made Kakkayam Dam a well-known destination for picnics in the Kozhikode area. One can obtain an unobstructed view of the dam region, several smaller waterfalls, and deep woodlands by riding in one of the boats available here.


• Along the Kuttiady River, Kakkayam provides visitors with tough opportunities for rock climbing and trekking:

The road winds its way through rubber plantations and thick forests. From there, travelers can make their way up into the mountains via flumes, valleys, and penstock pipes, and they can sigh overflowing waterfalls and translucent creeks along the way.

An additional draw is provided by the Urakkuzhi waterfalls, which can be found in the Urakkuzhi ghat region:

There is no more beautiful scene than one that features waterfalls and streams flowing against the background of forests, with fog gradually covering the vegetation in the background.

It's almost like taking a stroll among the clouds themselves.

This location provides stunning views of the surrounding valleys, home to several waterfalls.

• They have guesthouses and play areas for children.

There are times when it feels almost as if those enormous trees can protect from the rain the guests who come to take a nap there.

• Safari in a speed boat:

Visitors can enjoy a vibrant experience at Kakkayam Dam thanks to the availability of boating opportunities there. We suggest you go into one of their speedboats if you're here; they race over the azure waters, creating a trail of foam in their wake. 

And what a lovely voyage it was around the canals, enjoying the waterfalls and the lush vegetation. 

• These days, it is also well-known for ecotourism and animal viewing opportunities: 

This location is supposed to be a safe sanctuary for many different kinds of flora and animals, making it a popular destination for tourists. It is possible to witness various animals, including elephants, in the area close to the dam.

• Pleasant destination for outings with one's loved ones and close companions.

It is a picturesque location that provides guests with a calm ambiance and a wide variety of opportunities for leisure pursuits.

• Explore the neighborhood:

The Kakkayam Valley, also known as Kariyathan Rock (Karyathan Mala), and the Urukkuzhi Waterfalls are the most popular tourist destinations in the surrounding area.

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Address of Kakkayam Dam

Koorachundu, Kozhikode 673615 India

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