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While Kerala's northern region may not have as many foggy hill stations that are great for trekking as the state's southern regions, one location in Kozhikode will steal your breath away. The pristine location of Vayalada, which is surrounded by lazily falling mist and endowed with natural beauty, has become popular among tourists and trending on social media.

Things to do at Vatalada:

• Hiking one and a half kilometers to Kurishumala is a lovely experience.

The region is a paradise for people who enjoy hiking because it is covered in hills, the highest of which is the Kottakunnu hill. A trip to the lookout at the Kakkayam dam is never a waste of time because the Kakkayam dam and the big stones are so impressive.

• After the long hike, there is nothing quite like the feeling of having your hair ruffled by a light breeze for it to be a truly surreal experience.

The enthralling hilltop setting of Vayalada, also known as the Gavi of Malabar, can be found in the Kozhikode district adjacent to Balusseri. If it is monsoon season, the hill station exudes an alluring appeal, and as visitors reach the peak, they are in for a beautiful treat.

• The breathtaking view that can be had from the summit of Vayalada is the primary lure here:

Because Vayalada sits 600 meters, or 2,000 feet, above sea level, it emanates all of the charms and tranquility of a hill town. From its highest point, you can view the towns of Koorachundu and Perambra. When viewed from above, the cloud cover does not obscure the view of the beautiful fields surrounded by water.

• An incredible panorama of the Peruvannamuzhi Dam can be seen from the highest point of the Vayalada Dam View Point:

This delicious delight derived from nature is brought to you courtesy of the Mullanpara perspective. 

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Address of Vayalada

Mullanpara Rd, Calicut, Kozhikode India

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