Jawab Masjid

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A mosque may be seen on the Taj Mahal's western side, one of the world's most magnificent structures. The mosque was constructed because, by Muslim law, any mausoleum that is constructed must be accompanied by a mosque. It is customary because it purifies the area and fosters a feeling of love. Three architects of various religious backgrounds worked together to construct the sandstone structure of this well-known historical site in Agra.

As the sun sets in the late afternoon, the splendour of this well-known tourist destination in Agra blooms. The mosque is made of red stone, which makes it stand out because it faces east, and Friday prayers are still held in this mosque.

The guest house, situated directly across from the Taj Mahal on the opposite side of the mosque, serves as the guest house's mirror image, completing the complex's bilateral symmetry. Isa Mohammed constructed this mosque, oriented toward the Kaaba in Mecca. The three white marble arrangement domes and the four domes known as kiosks decorate the mosque's facade. The mosques' architecture during the Mughal era frequently uses this design style. The mosque also boasts a beautiful interior and a floor with an attractive design. The aim of the mosque's prayer mats is served by the way the mosque's floor is constructed. Allah's name is often referred to throughout the artistically carved Quranic passages on the mosque walls. The mosque differs from the guest house's restroom because it has an apparent differentiation provided by its Minbar and Mihrab. The Minbar is the podium from which the mosque's priest addresses the congregation as the Mihrab points toward Mecca. Strange decorations on the mosque's roof hypnotise onlookers with their presence. In addition, the mosque complex features an enclosed area measuring 19 feet by 6.5 feet that the Mughal empress used as a temporary burial while her mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, was being constructed. The mosque's front features Pietra Dura ornamentation, and there is a pool in front of it where people bathe before prayers.

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Address of Jawab Masjid

Inside Taj Mahal, Agra India

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