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A private non-profit organization called Jadal for Knowledge and Culture is situated near the Al Kalha stairs that connect Downtown, the bustling old part of the city, teeming with ambitious start-ups and innovative projects. It offers a platform for scholarly and creative endeavors to establish and advance progressive societal ideals, values, and cultures based on science, solidarity, equality, and freedom.

Indeed, Jadal has developed into a hub for diverse people and groups, including students, tourists, artists, philosophers, and activists.

  • Jadal's 'anti-café' strategy permits guests to utilize the many areas and services provided but places more value on the time spent there than the food they consume while they are there. This strategy is more appropriate for Jadal because it is a cultural location nevertheless.

  • It has also served as a commonplace for a variety of workshops and courses based on the communal sharing of artistic and linguistic knowledge (including Dabkeh, Salsa, Yoga and Meditation, Pencil Drawing, Acting, Guitar, Mosaic workshops/courses, and Arabic, English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, and Italian courses with a cultural component).

  • Jadal also wants to deal with international crises by assessing the problems brought on by human civilization's corrupt culture, deepening our comprehension of the dangers we confront, and pinpointing any workable solutions.

  • Jadal for Knowledge and Culture promotes the idea of links between the arts and literature while instructing writing courses. It serves as a center for creative interaction, skill enhancement, and instruction authority in various artistic fields, including drawing, photography, music, theatre, food, and others.

  • To encourage reading, the Jadal library holds book fairs and other events. It has a sizable collection of works on philosophy and the environment, as well as publications from other countries that have been translated into Arabic.

  • Warm and cold beverages are available while you browse the galleries, listen to live music, or read a book. The International Dinner, the Arts and Crafts Bazaar, or one of Chef Salam's Oriental Cooking Classes are fantastic.

  • Some of Jadal for Knowledge and Culture Centre’s activities are ongoing, such as the biweekly Discussion Saloon and the monthly International Dinner, where various subjects about people, science, the environment, and society are debated.

  • The Jadal Gallery has a section dedicated to showcasing artistic accomplishments. In workshops held by the gallery, the featured artists discuss their work and interact with the audience.

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Address of JADAL for Knowledge and Culture

Downtown, King Hussein's street, Al Kalha stairs house number 5 In Front Of Al Quds Restaurant, Amman 11191 Jordan

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JADAL for Knowledge and Culture