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Anyone who spends even a small amount of time in the city will see the mosque because it is one of the most recognizable buildings.

One of its most distinctive elements is the appearance of its two futuristic-looking minarets.

Its striking blue dome makes it stand out from the adjacent structures. The only mosque in the country that allows entry for worshipers of any religion is this mosque, a beacon of beauty in Amman.

It is a stunning example of Islamic architecture with a dark blue dome above it and light minarets on either side.

Its octagonal shape and lack of inner pillars set it apart, and its dome spans 31 meters in height and 35 meters in diameter.

The dome was encircled with the Ninety-Nine Most Beautiful Names of Allah, with a golden star-shaped radiation source in the middle.

Each of the 168 lamps in the hanging chandelier has the Holy Quranic Verse engraved on it in three circles, with the name of Allah occurring numerous times. A red carpet representing the fruitful land and made of an elaborate textile with recurring patterns is used to direct devotees to the Kiblah.

The Kiblah, the pulpit, and the Mihrab are all ornately carved onto the walls as wooden and marble panels. The mosque's large interior spaces can hold up to 7000 worshipers, and its courtyard may seat an additional 3000 people.

Another sector, with 500 female worshipers, is also there. Come here if you've never been inside a mosque but are interested in learning more about Islam. Non-Muslims are also welcome to visit the mosque, admire its lavish interior decoration, or visit the museum to see King Abdullah's collection of personal items and a display of ancient pottery and coins. Men and women enter at different doors. However, you can go there on specified schedules. One of the requirements is to arrive well attired. The entrance fee is roughly two dinars.

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Address of King Abdullah Mosque

Sulayman An Nabullsi, Amman Jordan

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