Antalya is an idyllic Turkish city teeming with an enchanting beauty and persona, perched right atop the Gulf of Antalya. Heralding the wondrous coastline and islands of the Mediterranean region, the largest city of Turkey is known to be the gateway to Turkish Riviera too. The city is gorgeously packed with the modern and the ancient, as well as lush, lavishing landscapes. Glimmering beaches dot the city, with its alluring blue water sloshing at your calves, while the stunning jagged cliffs rim its natural harbor from the distance quite beatifically. Plus there are the mesmerizing waterfalls Duden, Kursuntu.But its sinuous charm is laid bare in the Old Town of Kaleici where Ottoman, Roman and Greek-era houses flank its cobbled streets, resounding with the ring of the history of the city over the thousands of years. The Antalya museum still preserves the artifacts of the past, along with many other heritages. But then, you cannot also miss the exuberant and uber-chic bustle of the city either, with modern complexes, restaurants, bars popping up everywhere, and the local markets heavily jammed with vendors and products just tempting you. It is the ideal holiday destination truly.

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  • Bargaining at the markets is a must.
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