Nestled in the very core of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville NC has long been known as a cultural and artistic hub, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. From the moment you arrive in Asheville, you'll be struck by the natural beauty of this mountainous retreat. The city is enveloped by lush forests, rolling hills, and breathtaking mountain vistas. It thus offers ample outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.

As you wander through the streets of downtown Asheville, you'll notice the charming art deco architecture, the quirky shops and galleries, and the eclectic mix of people from all realms of life. There's a palpable sense of creativity and community here as if the city itself is alive with the energy of its inhabitants.

One of the most notable things about Asheville is its vibrant music scene. From street performers to world-renowned musicians, there's always something to see and hear. In fact, Asheville has been dubbed the 'Live Music Capital of the World' by Rolling Stone magazine.

Asheville has a thriving food scene, with everything from farm-to-table cuisine to international flavors to classic Southern comfort food. Whether you're looking for just tidbits or looking for a delicious full meal, you won't be disappointed in Asheville. It is a city that celebrates its diversity and embraces its quirks.


Q: What is Asheville famous for?

A: Asheville is famous for its outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, camping, and fishing. This city has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and cultural events throughout the year. Another aspect it is famous for is its culinary scene, featuring everything from farm-to-table cuisine to international flavors to classic Southern comfort food.

Q: What are the most frequently visited attractions in Asheville?

A: Most frequently visited attractions in Asheville are Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Parkway, Downtown Asheville, River Arts District, Asheville Botanical Gardens, North Carolina Arboretum, the Asheville Art Museum, the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, and the Folk Art Center.

Q: Do I get direct flights to Asheville?

A: Yes, this city offers direct flights to cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Washington D.C.

Q: Which airports does Asheville have?

A: Asheville has one airport: Asheville Regional Airport (AVL). Some of the airlines that operate flights to Asheville include:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

United Airlines

Allegiant Air

Spirit Airlines

Q: What are some must-try dishes when visiting Asheville?

A: Asheville has a diverse culinary scene with many must-try dishes like Biscuits and Gravy, Fried Chicken, Pulled pork, brisket, and ribs for BBQ, artisanal cheeses, humanely-raised meats, French Broad Chocolate, Chocolate Gems, and The Chocolate Fetish.

Q: What are some of the best adventure activities to experience in Asheville?

A: Some of the best adventures to experience here are Hiking, Whitewater Rafting, Zip lining, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, and Hot Air Ballooning.

Q: What is the appropriate dress code to follow when visiting Asheville?

A: Asheville has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, and the dress code is generally informal. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes are all popular choices. During the summer months, lightweight clothing and sunscreen are recommended, while in the winter, warm clothing and boots are necessary.

Q: What are the accepted payment methods in Asheville?

A: Most hotels, restaurants, and cafes in Asheville accept major credit cards and debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are other mobile payments accepted here.

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  • Winter is “secret season” in Asheville. So bring some heavy clothes in your bag.
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