Monument aux Girondins

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Monument aux Girondins, also known as The Girondins Monument, is an impressive fountain statue in Bordeaux that honors the Girondists. The Girondists were the first members of France's Legislative Assembly and later became one of the factions that supported the beginning stages of the French Revolution. They were, in point of fact, one of the most radical factions inside the legislature. However, in October of 1793, after they started resisting the movement, the Girondists were sentenced to death on the orders of Maximilien Robespierre, one of the Revolution's leaders.

At the advent of the twentieth century, a memorial called Monument aux Girondins was constructed as a tribute to the Girondists, who are now regarded as political martyrs. A remarkable homage to the Reign of Terror, the Monument aux Girondins depicts the Statue of Liberty perched atop a massive pillar and is bookended on either side by lakes with magnificent statuary.

This plaza, which encompasses a total area of 12 hectares and is adjacent to the river, is the largest of its kind in all of Europe and is consistently ranked among Bordeaux's most photographed locations.

What to see at Monument aux Girondins?

  • Two rostral columns are topped with statues that are dedicated to Bordeaux's nautical and economic activity. These columns can be found directly across from the river and relatively near to it. Large statues of the Bordeaux philosophers - Montaigne and Montesquieu can be located on the side of the Quinconces, which is closest to the city center.
  • When viewed from the west, the Monument aux Girondins consists of a column with bronze fountains atop it, as well as a statue of liberty freeing herself from chains at the summit of the column. This provides evidence of the Girondin political faction that existed at the time of the French Revolution.
  • The Place des Quinconces is one of the most well-known areas in the city, and for a good reason.
  • Not only does it provide a welcome breath of fresh air, but it also offers a stunning backdrop for photographs.
  • You can even take a full bath in the fountain or just put your feet in it for a moment. You may even scale the towering statues and stand atop them!

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Address of Monument aux Girondins

Esplanade des Quinconces, 33000, Bordeaux, France

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