Ever heard of the Dijon mustard? Well, its a household-famous condiment that originates from France, and is named after one of the most splendid cities in France. This lovely city is teeming with museums, galleries, boutiques, and cafés while maintaining the welcoming ambiance of a much smaller town. Being the capital city of the Burgundy region of France, Dijon is famously recognized for its outstanding wine (Chef’s kiss!) and the meticulously carved architecture, which is visible literally everywhere you turn your head.

Just like every historically bound city or town in France, Dijon also constitutes a list of countless museums of art galleries one can visit if they want to take a proximal look at the astounding French culture. However, even peering out of your hotel room window or going for a stroll in the nearby street would give you an idea of just how stupendous the entire city is.

One can also visit Gaugry Dairy and Cheese shop, which is another popular tourist hotspot at Dijon, if you want to see how dairy products, specifically cheese, are authentically processed and churned. Rue de Boussett is another such place in Dijon which has a cluster of gourmet food stores serving the traditional French products, that tourists can visit to admire the culture up-close. Rue des Forges is another notable street. Just off the city's main thoroughfare, Place Francois Rude, is a quaint lane that is lined with charming gourmet food shops. From a structural standpoint, it's also one of the city's most picturesque streets.

Reverting back to the first line of this part, Dijon’s prominence stems from its mutuality with the popularly known mustard, that is a globally used condiment. Following from this, there are various mustard varieties that are exclusive to the store that attracts crowds along Rue de la Liberté. At 16 Rue de la Chouette, you'll find Edmond Fallot, the only independent and family-run mustard manufacturer in France.

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