Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas

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The Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge is a wonderful illustration of how current technical know-how may be used to create architectural masterpieces. Its elegant form can be perceived as a continuation of the quays and blends in perfectly with its surroundings thanks to the fact that it shares the same aesthetic. The bridge is an excellent example of how beauty and technological capability may be successfully combined. It endows the city's urban development with a touch of welcome modernity that is very much appreciated.

This is the fifth bridge that crosses the Garonne River, and it can be found in the middle of the Pont d'Aquitaine and the Pont de Pierre. It even holds the record for the tallest bridge in Europe, with a height of 77 meters. It is the longest lift bridge in France at 575 meters. The lift span is characterized by a symmetrical cross-section and supports four traffic lanes in addition to two outboard sidewalks and bikeways.

The bridge was built with the capability of accommodating two light rail tracks at some point in the future. A counterweight equal to one-quarter of the total weight of the lift span will be able to move vertically inside each of the lift span's four independent pylon towers. One of these towers will be located at each corner of the lift span.

How to explore Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas?

  • Bordelais and photographers take pleasure in the fact that once night falls, the bridge is illuminated and constitutes yet another lovely element of the Port of the Moon.
  • When the tide is high, the pylons' blue color is visible, whereas when the tide is low, the pylons' green color is seen. This view cannot be missed when in town.
  • During your time in Bordeaux, you absolutely must take the time to visit the bridge. We recommend discovering the beauty of this bridge while taking a stroll along the quays in the middle of the night.

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    45 minutes

Address of Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas

Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas, 33300, Bordeaux France

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