Menkaure Pyramid

The Menkaure Pyramid is one of the pyramids located in the Giza Necropolis complex near Cairo, Egypt. It was built during the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom period, around 2510 BC, for the pharaoh Menkaure (also known as Mykerinos). It is one of the smaller pyramids in the area but is notable for its unique appearance, with its uppermost portion being constructed using black granite.

The pyramid was originally about 66 feet (20 meters) tall and was constructed using limestone blocks. It had a base length of about 354 feet (108 meters) and was surrounded by smaller pyramids for the pharaoh's wives and family members.

How to explore the Menkaure Pyramid?

  • Explore the Pyramid: You can take a guided tour or explore the pyramid on your own. Climbing to the top of the pyramid is not allowed, but you can walk around the base and admire its impressive size and construction.
  • Explore the burial chambers: The Menkaure Pyramid has three burial chambers, with the main one located underground. The burial chamber was made of red granite and contained a large sarcophagus that was originally intended to hold the pharaoh's mummified remains. However, when the pyramid was opened in the 19th century, no remains were found inside.
  • Visit the Valley Temple: The Valley Temple is located near the Menkaure Pyramid and was used for the mummification process of the pharaohs. It is a great place to see ancient Egyptian architecture up close and learn more about the burial practices of the pharaohs.
  • Attend the Light and Sound Show: The Light and Sound Show is an evening event that takes place at the Giza Plateau. It offers a unique way to experience the pyramids, including the Menkaure Pyramid. During the show, the pyramids are illuminated with lights, and there are audio narrations that tell the story of the pharaohs who built them.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours 59 minutes

Address of Menkaure Pyramid

Al Ahram, Giza 11511 Egypt

Opening & Closing time of Menkaure Pyramid

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