Hurghada, nestled between the Sahara and the Red Sea, was once just a lay-by for fishermen but is now a thriving tourist destination. It's an aquatic wonderland for sailors, divers, sunbathers, and desert dwellers, plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight.

Today, Hurghada is one of the most remarkable tourist cities in Egypt and a major tourist hub for both domestic and foreign tourists due to its mild climate, sunshine almost all year round, expansive beaches, and exquisite coral reefs. Its natural islands provide a pristine environment for a variety of rare flora and fauna, making them the ideal location for engaging in leisure activities like land hunting and fishing. The town has established itself as a prime location for underwater adventures thanks to its historic districts, traditional markets, renowned diving centers, and desert safaris.

Some notable places in Hurghada:

  • The Old Town (al Dahar), the city center (Saqala), and the contemporary Marina, with its restaurants and cafes along the water, make up today's bustling, sprawling town.
  • The post office, the town's biggest bazaar, and the long-distance bus terminal are all situated in El Dahar.
  • The city also offers a number of excellent golf courses, shopping, and dining establishments.
  • Hurghada also serves as a convenient starting point for those interested in learning about ancient Egyptian culture because it is close to many historical sites, including the Temple of Karnak and Luxor.
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Helpful tips for Hurghada

  • Keep Egyptian currency handy.
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