El Dahar

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El Dahar is the name of a district in the Egyptian city of Hurghada. Its stores, restaurants, and busy streets make it a popular stop for visitors to Hurghada. Visitors will find various lodging options in the neighborhood, including hotels, resorts, and apartments. Famous beaches like Hurghada Beach and Giftun Island are close to El Dahar.


The Hurghada Marine Museum is a must-see for every traveler interested in the world of water:

The Hurghada Marine Museum is an excellent location for nature lovers and enthusiasts, with its interactive exhibits, tanks, and collection of marine species.

It highlights the wide variety of fish, coral, and invertebrates that may be found in the Red Sea. Explore the rich history of human contact with the sea, the necessity of protecting marine ecosystems for future generations, and the wonders of the Red Sea's unique ecology.

Visit the Giftun Island National Park, a protected region in the Red Sea close to the Egyptian city of Hurghada:

It is a popular spot for snorkeling, diving, and swimming due to its beautiful beaches, clear seas, and rich marine life. Even though there isn't a dedicated water park on Giftun Island, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the water and see the island's beautiful coral reefs and abundant marine life.

As a protected area, the park ensures that visitors to the Red Sea may enjoy the region's natural wonders without negatively impacting the ecosystem.

Embrace the hotspot for scuba divers and snorkelers for its calm waters, wide variety of marine life, and colorful coral reefs:

In the Red Sea, divers may find various dive sites, from easy coral reefs to more advanced drift and wall dives. Ras Mohammed National Park, the Straits of Tiran, and the Thistlegorm wreck are all well-known scuba diving destinations.

Divers can swim among dolphins, sharks, manta rays, and a rainbow of reef fish.

Visit downtown Hurghada to shop and experience the city's lively nightlife:

  • Downtown Hurghada is a popular choice for those seeking nocturnal activities and entertainment.
  • Restaurants in Hurghada provide a wide range of cuisines; some even have outside seating for those who like to eat in the fresh air.
  • Shopping: Downtown Hurghada has a wide range of retail opportunities, from traditional souks and stalls to upscale malls and gift stores selling traditional wares and tourist trinkets.
  • Cultural events like local dance displays and traditional music performances are also available in Hurghada.
  • Many of Hurghada's beaches provide activities and entertainment, including bonfires, beach parties, and live music performances for visitors to enjoy while relaxing in the sun.

To get a peek at the traditional lifestyle of the Bedouin people, travelers should stop by the Bedouin Village, a cultural site near Hurghada, Egypt.

Traditional Bedouin buildings, artisan studios, and a marketplace have all been recreated in this community. Camel rides, henna tattoos, and sandboarding are just some fun things visitors may partake in while also learning about Bedouin culture.

Additionally, the Bedouin Village is a hub for Bedouin culture, where visitors may experience and learn about the people and customs of the Bedouin people via cultural shows, musical performances, and dance.

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Address of El Dahar

old center of Hurghada, Hurghada Egypt

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