Ramoji Film City

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All ages and all cultures are drawn to Ramoji Film City. People of all interests, not just movie enthusiasts, may have a great day at Ramoji Film City and leave with lovely memories to treasure forever and a pledge to return.

Things to do at Ramoji Film Festival :

  • Dance during the ceremony's opening

Dawn reveals the day. Very well said! Visit Ramoji Film City by 9 a.m. to see the Eureka opening ceremony. It perfectly sets the tone for an enjoyable day to come.

You are welcomed to the enchanted tour of Ramoji Film City with a treat for the eyes and a stunning beginning. The performance takes place at Eureka, and a brand-new world of excitement and adventure is unveiled when the Eureka Fort opens its imposing doors.

  • Take pictures in Princess Street to capture the right moments.

Before you get to Princess Street, you'll pass by many gorgeous sets. But of all of them, this is one of the greatest. It's the ideal chance to capture those Instagram-worthy images.

Tall buildings border a beautiful road called Princess Street that resembles the streets of London. Beautifully decorated residences dotting the international metropolis provide the ideal photo backdrop.

  • Wander across the tranquil Japanese Garden.

This location will be your darling joy if you want to unwind for a bit next to a flowing spring and a majestic Japanese pagoda while being mesmerized by the exotic film sets. Visit us and have some fun in the water. Move about the area and take in the calm wind to get a sense of the atmosphere of a dream garden.

  • Build your own Bahubali moment:

Cult film has left a lasting impression on viewers. Ramoji Film City celebrates the masterpiece every day. Take the ball by force and have your Bahubali moment. The set allows you to step inside the generous Mahishmati Kingdom and experience a bygone period.

If you are a fan of Bahubali, visiting this location will take some time since you won't be able to stop taking pictures and enjoying the excitement of Bahubali nostalgia.

  • Take in the Space Yatra's space voyage:

A made-up planet intended to transport you on a space journey beyond what you only perceive. To comprehend how a space voyage feels, one must experience one. You might imagine yourself traveling into space in a rocket that takes off after a thrilling and tumultuous flight.

  • Take part in the Ramoji Movie Magic Park filmmaking experience:

How are films created? That is a significant question with a very difficult explanation process. Additionally, there's a potential that you'll star in the movie and take part in its production.

You may experience what it's like to be in a movie by watching the interactive movie-making presentation.

  • Speak with the avians at Wings:

Bird Park is a must-see site if you're visiting Ramoji Film City. The park is designed to provide a home for exotic birds and is covered with vegetation, and you will feel uplifted by their hues, flying, and charm.

Spend a little time conversing with our special chatterbox in front of the African Grey Parrot.

  • Discover the excitement at the Wild West Show:

Live-action comedies are a delight to see. Be on the lookout because you'll frequently be astonished by the gunfire and amazing action movements our skilled performers perform. You will see a performance that will live in your memory forever, elevating the storytelling on stage to a new level.

  • Pass through the terrifying Borasura tunnel:

The trek is exciting because of the maze, illusion, and chilling sensation at each corner of this tunnel. Prepare to scream in awe and experience chills as you enter Borasura. You'll embark on an unknown voyage in the dim tunnel. Be a braveheart and savor each moment.

  • Get drenched at Fundustan Rain Dance:

We have something to relax with after a full day of fun and magic.

Enjoy the Rain Dance at Fundustan as you swing and twist to upbeat music. A hot pour will make you happy and make you want to dance.

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    9 hours 18 minutes

Address of Ramoji Film City

Ramoji FIlm City Hayatnagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad 501512 India

Opening & Closing time of Ramoji Film City

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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