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Fontainhas, also referred to as Goa's Latin Quarter is situated in Panjim and is bordered to the east by Ourem Waterway, a historic creek, and to the west by the spring-filled Altinho hills. Although many visitors avoid this heritage colony in favor of Goa's breathtaking beaches and waves, its vibrant and intriguing sites are well worth seeing.

The greatest way to discover Fontainhas is on foot, and meandering through its winding, cobblestone lanes will undoubtedly take you back in time.

Admire the historic Portuguese homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. You'll fall in love with the rows of classic Portuguese houses and cottages that dot the slender, meandering landscape right away. Many are painted in shades of pale yellow, green, and blue, and they have red-colored tiled roofs, creative entrances, and above balconies.

The streets of Fontainhas are dotted with adorable tiny cafés and bakeries that are over a century old. The fact that the buildings and cottages in Fontainhas are painted each year after the monsoons is a fascinating character; the Portuguese established this regulation, which is still observed today.

A crimson wishing well with roosters built on it is located in one of the old homes. Although the well is no longer in use, you can still visit to relax, take in the sights, and experience the local culture.

Along with the colorful homes, the 19th-century Chapel of St. Sebastian is undoubtedly one of Fontainhas' most stunning and iconic landmarks. It is distinguished by its immaculate white facade, which stands in stark contrast to the neighborhood's appearance of the color. Once inside, you'll see a crucifix, a figure of the Virgin Mary, and three magnificent altarpieces. The crucifix kept here has a special feature: the image of Christ has wide-open eyes.

The Latin Quarter is a remarkable work of art in and of itself, with its vibrant Portuguese-style homes and lovely street art on the walls. Art lovers must visit the Gitanjali Gallery, which is close to the historic Panjim Inn hotel, for a more specialized experience. In addition to a sizable collection of Scandinavian artwork from the 1950s to the 1990s, including lithographs, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, and serigraphs, the gallery also displays modern art.

Although the facility is filled with the work of both local and foreign artists, it also regularly organizes book readings and poetry art and theater workshops, book launches, and seminars on art, history, and cinema appreciation. You can warm up with an espresso while perusing the collection in the on-site café.

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