Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain and the city with the nickname 'Orange City,' has a distinctive allure of all its own. It is neither too huge nor too little to be monotonous. Valencia is perfect for a weekend getaway while still providing you with enough unforgettable experiences for a lengthy vacation: stunning beaches, an ideal climate, a distinct and dynamic culture, spectacular architecture, delectable gastronomy, and a low price; your exploration of Valencia won't let you down. Valencia, often known as València by the natives, is a city in central and eastern Spain, close to the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Valencia is one of the few Mediterranean towns maintaining its native tongue, extensive cultural traditions, music, dance, food, handicrafts, and distinctive regional festivals. Additionally, this region is home to enticing tourist sites that exhibit several traces of a historic city with exquisite, meandering gravel lanes and a massive medieval citadel.

Incredibly, the Cathedral houses the actual chalice that many historians consider to be the legitimate Holy Grail, and once you've paid your respects, you can climb the Cathedral's highest tower, El Micalet, to take in some of the finest views of the city. It doesn't take much imagination to see the city's greatest hero, the Moor-fighting knight El Cid Campeador, being joyfully carried through the city streets while surveying the medieval magnificence of the Old Town.

This location was first constructed as a rest area for Roman soldiers following conflicts. Valencia has a more than 2,000-year history that includes the Roman era, as well as periods when it was ruled by the Moors and the Spanish. This has a unique impact on the city's architecture, cuisine, and customs. Today, Christian and Muslim structures may be seen side by side with ease. The flavor of the Moors 'continues to remain' in Valencian food as well, albeit not entirely.

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  • Buy a Valencia Tourist Card for free public transport and free entry to public museums
  • Take the double-decker bus for quick tour of all the sights in one day.
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