Al Khor, located in the northern part of Qatar, has a history older than that of the country's capital Doha. It has a population of only 31,547 and features a number of beautiful spots that draw tourists from all over the world. There are many sites to see in Al Khor that you can discover throughout your stay, from the best beaches to the nicest parks and much more.

Fishing was once the main source of income in Al Khor. This land has it all and is still mostly untouched by international travelers, with cultural attractions, natural areas, and many lovely locations for travelers to see.

Al Thakira, a picturesque village set on the coast of the Al Khor municipality about seven kilometers from the city, is one of the best spots to explore in and around Al Khor. As one of Qatar's most gorgeous locations, this village draws tourists from all over the world.

Al Thakira Natural Reserve takes pride in its breathtaking views of wildlife and stunning surroundings. What is the best here? This is where one may locate Qatar's biggest mangrove reserve. Al Thakira beach is one of the top locations for water sports like fishing and kayaking. While kayaking through the mangroves here, visitors can admire the beautiful wildlife vistas.

One of Qatar's unusual tourist destinations is Purple Island, which is another draw. Another popular tourist destination in Al Khor is the 28,500 square meter Al Tawasul Traditional Park, which offers a variety of kid-friendly entertainment. Other must-see attractions include Al Khor Park, Al Tawasul Traditional Park, Farkeh Beach, The Al Khor Corniche, Al Qarma Beach Garden, Al Shu'aa Reserve, Al Khor Mall, etc.

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