Dukhan, a city in the Al Shahaniya municipality of Qatar, lies around 80 kilometers from Doha. In Qatar's small city of Dukhan, rich with man-made and natural attractions. The city was founded when the country first began to explore for oil, and since then, oil exploration has been the primary industry here, making it a significant industrial metropolis in the nation.

Dukhan Beach, one of Qatar's most serene beaches, is located in a relaxed setting away from the bustle of the city. There are tents accessible behind the beach where guests can experience a unique BBQ night. It is worthwhile to photograph the beach's innate beauty. There is also a rental facility for water sports for those looking for thrills on the beach.

Dukhan Beach is a beautiful location for overnight camping where you may have a wonderful experience while gazing at the picturesque shoreline beneath the starry sky. However, Dukhan Beach Resort is a terrific destination for a lavish stay if you do not like camping and prefer to indulge in unmatched luxury. This beach resort features the finest interiors and provides top-notch amenities to its visitors, similar to many other beach hotels in Doha.

The Dukhan Masjid, built in 1942, not long after the first oil camps were established, is one of Dukhan's most significant and revered locations. Al Khutba Mosque is another name for the masjid, which is renowned for its exquisite traditional design.

This is the best location for anyone looking for a peaceful country setting to enjoy some quality time with loved ones.

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Helpful tips for Dukhan

  • If you are taking a day-trip to the desert, make sure to pack enough food & water.
  • The city has a good network of ATMs and cards are widely accepted too
  • Locals are known for their hospitality
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