Centraal Station

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There's a fair likelihood that you'll be entering and exiting from Amsterdam Central Station if you're visiting. The name Centraal Station is used in Amsterdam. It is the busiest station in the Netherlands and a hub for domestic and foreign rail travel. CS is still worth visiting even if you're not a fan of trains because of its stunning architecture and ideal location in the middle of Amsterdam. History: A Beaux-Arts structure, Amsterdam Central Station was erected in 1885. Pierre Cuypers, who also built the Rijksmuseum, created it. The former Amsterdam City Hall, which had been destroyed by fire in 1848, was where the station was erected. To suit the rising demand for train travel, a new station was constructed. A raised central waiting area with a glass ceiling and glass and an iron facade was part of the station's design. Trains To Centraal Station: Over 200,000 people use Amsterdam Central Station daily, making it the busiest station in the Netherlands. The station, which is in the center of Amsterdam, is used by a wide range of trains, including both regional and high-speed intercity trains. With direct connections to destinations like Berlin, Paris, and London, it serves as a significant center for international train services. Check out the train timetable before your journey to Amsterdam to determine the most efficient route to Centraal Station. Best Attractions Nearby: Visit the 9 Streets in Amsterdam if you enjoy artisan collections, small shops, adorable gifts, and bargain shopping. You can also check those out because they are situated between the canals. Along with cute shops and trendy boutiques, this shopping district also offers great coffee and lunch or dinner options.

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Address of Centraal Station

Stationsplein 9, 1012 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands

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