NEMO Science Museum

This iconic green-copper structure with a slanted roof, created by Italian architect Renzo Piano, is perched over the IJ Tunnel entrance and is nearly encircled by water. Great vistas and interactive exhibits powered by the wind and water may be found on its rooftop square. 

There are four stories of investigative mayhem for kids of all ages within, where everything is interactive. Try lifting yourself with a pulley, generating bubbles, racing your shadow, dividing light into colors, observing a chain reaction, and learning about the teenage brain.

Enjoy a stunning view of Amsterdam thanks to the 1997 construction of NEMO, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. He had a distinct concept for the NEMO building, which he designed with its own piazza 22 meters above sea level. Fantastic views of the Eastern Docklands and Amsterdam may be seen from the roof terrace's breathtaking location.

The museum's enormous array of experiments and tools will get your mind working as it spans four stories. Within this museum, some of the wonders that get the most attention are:

World of Shapes, Constructions, Life in the Universe, Journey Through the Mind, Sensational Science, Innovation Gallery, Science throughout the Ages, Energy, and the Laboratory are some of the exhibits. On the fifth level of the museum, there is a fantastic café and restaurant as well.

Best things to do at the NEMO Science Museum: 

At NEMO, you may blow large soap bubbles, observe an immense chain reaction, and conduct experiments in a genuine laboratory while enjoying the wonders of science and technology. You can 'Take a voyage through the mind' in one exhibition or discover at 'Smart Technology' that there is more to sustainable electricity and intelligent transportation than first appears.

  • Exhibitions: 

A tiny café and gift store are located inside the foyer and sell miniature versions of some of Nemo's attractions, such as the enormous domino set and DNA experiments. The first floor's core ideas are DNA and chain reactions, and there is a chamber filled with enormous dominoes that are home to devices like a flying automobile and a gigantic bell. A display on the hour that also takes place on the first level uses a sizable chain reaction circuit.

A factory for small plastic balls is located on the second level. These balls are transported on a circuit for participants to sort into groups according to size, weight, and color before being dispatched to a packing plant where they are placed in a tiny metal box. There are five stations where the boxes are sent off to restart the circuit after having magnetic barcodes applied.

Additionally, there is a small café and a theater where shows and movies on science are screened on the second level. A display on the water cycle, a display on metals, a display on electricity, and a display on structures can all be found on the second floor.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours 30 minutes

Address of NEMO Science Museum

Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam The Netherlands

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