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A trip to the Heineken Experience is a necessity for any trip to Amsterdam. The renowned Heineken beer was created in this historical structure in the city's center and is now sold and celebrated all over the world. A beer lover's paradise has been created out of the former brewery, which was in operation until 1988. Here, guests may embark on an interactive tour to discover everything about the background of Heineken, get a closer look at the beer-brewing process, and, of course, sample the renowned pilsener.

  • History:

Gerard Adriaan Heineken purchased the little brewery 'De Hooiberg' in the center of Amsterdam in 1984, and that is how Heineken's tale began. What began as a tiny family brewery over the course of four generations developed into an international business that now controls more than 170 beer brands globally.

One of the most well-known Dutch brands, Heineken is accessible in practically every nation. Heineken, however, is not only well-known abroad; many Dutch citizens still favor the lager more than 150 years after the company was founded.

Amstel and Heineken, which are owned by Heineken, are available at practically every café in Amsterdam. The green Heineken emblem with its distinguishing red star may be found almost everywhere in Amsterdam as a sponsor of several events, including athletic events and festivals.

Visitors may now learn more about Heineken's history and how the company continues to play a significant part in Dutch society by visiting the former Heineken brewery in the city's center.

  • Buy Tickets Beforehand: 

Due to its popularity, there are frequently lengthy lineups to enter Heineken Amsterdam. By purchasing your tickets in advance, you can avoid spending all day in line on the narrow sidewalk outside the brewery. Automatically check your ticket at the door to start learning about Heineken!

  • Ask the Local Ambassadors: 

Heineken Experience Ambassadors are posted all over the brewery to answer any questions you might have and provide more details about the brewing process, even though your visit will be a self-guided tour. Additionally, they'll show you the appropriate way to pour a beer and how to taste and savor it. Since the majority of them are natives of Amsterdam, they can explain in detail how Heineken's heritage is ingrained in the history and culture of the city.

  • Download the Heineken Experience App:

A digital app created by The Heineken Experience offers more details and interesting trivia as you tour the brewery. To make the most of your experience, unlock the app as you enter the Heineken Experience.

  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Heineken Experience

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam The Netherlands

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