3d Gallery Budapest

Explore the 3D artworks at this Budapest show at the 3D Gallery Museum! In this museum, everything is possible, so let your creativity soar and become anyone you want to be—a surfer, a ballet dancer, even a concert pianist! 

The gallery is a place to experience the marvels of art, learn while having fun, and participate in it.

The gallery is a place to experience the marvels of art, learn while having fun, and participate in it. Do not forget that they frequently alter the painting selection; thus, checking back and taking in the ever-evolving 3D gallery periodically is worthwhile.

Give this supposedly dynamic gallery a try if you're struggling to keep the youngsters entertained:

With all this, 3D may be the only art gallery where you can touch the artwork, and it is strongly advised. Your kids can participate in a tacky piece of art and exercise their narcissistic urges by being photographed as it instead of simply enjoying it.

Become a skilled painter, photographer, or editor!

Children can take on the role of the angel in a piece of art or be photographed saving a buddy from a burning structure. They can dance with ballerinas or surf a huge wave. Perform a quick Google search to see some of the other sparkling stances your kids may assume.

Adults can also join in the lighthearted experience: 

Nothing prevents grownups from participating in the game if they are sincere about wanting to seem foolish in front of the camera. 

Examine your works of art via the prism of optical tricks and three-dimensional renderings. You may be the artist in this museum, which is both entertaining and cultural! 

Make up your compositions!

Because you are the inspiration for the artwork, you are the art itself. You can have some clear-cut fun at the 3D Gallery Budapest. Standing in front of them, you may become a part of the artwork and find yourself sucked into the painting's universe. 

Using a smartphone or camera is imperative:

In contrast to other museums, this one encourages taking photos using mobile devices. Visitors may get lost in optical illusions by snapping pictures of them.

They'll show you just how crucial perspective is and teach you the fundamentals of becoming an independent, creative artist.

The greatest part is that they're handling it, so you won't have to put your phones away.

You may easily touch the interactive artworks, which allow you to actively participate in modifying intriguing photos.

Interactive paintings are on display at the museum, allowing visitors to interact with the work of art.

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    2 hours

Address of 3d Gallery Budapest

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 17. At the corner of Lazar ucta, Budapest 1065 Hungary

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