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Budapest's Hospital in the Rock (Sziklakorhaz), located beneath the Buda Castle neighborhood, is one of the city's most unusual and intriguing sights.

Built as a covert military hospital and bunker, it is currently the largest waxwork display in Hungary, with more than 40 figures and a large amount of original equipment that is still functional.

Development work on the Hospital In The Rock began to update the facilities in 2007, and the facility eventually opened as a museum in 2008. Today, tourists may take guided tours inside the old treatment rooms, complete with lifelike wax figures, and the chamber housing the diesel engines, where they can learn about how the building is powered.


The location is interesting and known as the Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum.

The rock contains a vast network of tunnels and corridors used for various reasons. During World War II, certain buildings underwent fortification as emergency hospitals and air red shelters.

More significantly, the tour will educate you on the area's history, emphasizing the courage and commitment of the medical professionals who contributed to the lives of so many people.

Hearing their stories as you travel through the tunnels is an emotional and sad experience.

Learn about the utility of this site:

One of the greatest locations in Budapest is the site, which features a wide museum showing the kinds of rescuing attempts observed throughout the war. What was once a bomb shelter and an emergency hospital was fortified to become a hidden nuclear bunker.

Currently, 'The Rock' Museum Public Benefit Foundation tenderly maintains the location. Their goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to act morally and choose the good even in oppressive regimes and times of conflict. The people who save lives and provide aid are genuine heroes.

Additionally, it seeks to educate the public by portraying the truth about the conflict and delivering an accurate history. The Foundation runs the museum and its other operations without assistance from the government and instead relies on its profits and contributions. It is independent of parties, ideologies, and faiths.

The museum has earned accolades far and wide:

The Pulszky Society Hungarian Museum Association Award is only one of the several accolades the Hospital In The Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum has received in the tourist industry. It has also been nominated twice for the European Museum of the Year Award.

The trip finishes on a strong political tone:

Fortunately, no one ever had to seek refuge from nuclear fallout in this specific bunker, but Japan wasn't as lucky as we all know.

In conclusion, an exhibition illustrates the sadness of what occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when America unleashed its atomic bombs and how this should never happen again. 

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Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum

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