Beach Gui-Gui

Secret best describes the beach at Gui-gui. It's breathtakingly beautiful, untamed, and unaffected by tourists. This beach is situated to the southwest of Gran Canaria, between two mountains.

It's so remote from the nearest town that there is no telephone service and very little in the way of infrastructure (a hose providing water for consumption).

Find out about the variety of beaches that make up this region:

Both the larger Güigüi grande and the smaller Güigu chico are considered to be Güigüi beaches (small). Following the path to its conclusion will lead you to the largest of them. One must wait till low tide or swim over calm seas to the smaller one. If you're near the coast, the sea could startle you with its audacity.

Here, you can forget about the rest of the world for a while:

Since this is the case, Gui-gui should find favour with modern hippies.

Consider the favourite indulgence of all time here:

Gui-gui is popular with locals for a Robinson-style overnight stay. Day hikes often consist of setting out in the morning, returning in the afternoon after lunch, and spending the night either under the stars or in a tent.

Due to its size, you may find that you have this beautiful stretch of beach all to yourself.

Take in the unparalleled natural and cultural splendour of this area:

Included in the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve, Güigüi is a prominent part of the reserve. Popular places to visit on Gran Canaria. Güigüi beach and the surrounding area have been classified as a Special Nature Reserve and an Area of Ecological Sensitivity due to their exceptional natural beauty.

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Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

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