Pico de las Nieves

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The Pico de las Nieves is another of Gran Canaria's most well-known attractions due to the impression it gives adventurers and the fact that it is the highest point on the island. It offers views of a significant portion of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and occasionally, the neighboring island of Tenerife can be seen silhouetted through the clouds.

The continuous vistas of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with its countless deep valleys and craggy peaks cloaked in foliage and topped with stunning rocks, may be seen from 1,949 meters above sea level.

Learn about the history of the site and why is it christened so:

The historical practice of storing snow in neveros, or snow wells, gave rise to the name of the viewpoint at Pico de las Nieves. The region gradually started to get its current name between the 17th and the 19th centuries after being later used to make ice cream in the city centre.

Embrace the vistas of the setting sun over a sea of clouds

Contrary to other vantage points, La Nieves offers excellent views on foggy days since you can see Tenerife floating in a sea of clouds and the peaks of Gran Canaria.

The Pico de las Nieves is regarded as one of the most fascinating tourist destinations for any hiker or trekker wishing to get to know the island in depth, with extensive beaches, a subtropical temperature, and high mountains to climb.

Therefore, the perspective Pico de las Nieves is worthwhile if you wish to preserve the memory of the sunset over the mountains.

Explore the region for envious terrains and topography:

Despite the fact that access to the summit itself is prohibited, there is an intriguing alternative: on the Pico de las Nieves' south face, which descends about 800 meters into the Caldera de Tirajana, there is a knife-edge ridge that extends far into the caldera and ends in a large tower.

Families or lone travelers can enjoy the breathtaking hiking and trekking route to El Pico de las Nieves in Gran Canaria. The image that emerges after the climb can appear overwhelming and enchanting if done on a foggy day.

Explore the neighborhood:

In addition, Roque Nublo, a stunning basaltic rock that is about 75 meters high, and El Fraile, a different, smaller monolith, are both accessible if you want to continue your exploration of the area after visiting the viewpoint.

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