British Residency

The British East India Company's generals had their headquarters in the British Residency of Lucknow, a residential complex. However, following the 1857 insurrection, this once-composed edifice served as a camp for British refugees.

The fort is now in ruins, and all of the colonists who perished during the siege of Lucknow are buried nearby in a British cemetery. The Indian Archaeological Survey is currently responsible for protecting the ruins. Every evening, The Residency also presents a light and sound spectacle commemorating the 1857 uprising.                                                                                                                                                                                                           What to see in the British Residency?

- The British Residency has three stories, a basement for safety, a pool area, offices, and a library. A large cross honoring Major General Sir John Inglis and his wife is also located at the entryway. The Begum Kothi, the Mosque, and the Canteen, which are now in ruins, were formerly some of the centerpieces of the Residency.

- A marble inscription listing all the men who participated in the Indian uprising during the Siege of Lucknow is kept within one of the ruin's walls (1857), whose remains are still visible at the location. Check out the inscription to know more about the siege. 

- Enter the main building from the famously named 'Baillie guard gate' entrance. Col. John, the first occupant of the British Residency, inspired the name of this entrance. However, the Nawab of that era began a tradition of Guard of Honor throughout the early years of this structure. The remains of The Treasury are located next to the gate. Even though this area was used to store soiled cartridges during the War of 1857, it is now one of the primary attractions of this well-liked tourist destination in Lucknow.

- Another site to visit is located on the grounds of the British Residency, the old banquet hall that has remarkable carvings on its pillars and walls. 

- You can also visit another site attraction, the House of Dr. Fayer, which also served as a hospital then.

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Address of British Residency

Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Deep Manak Nagar, Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow 226001 India

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