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Lucknow is famous among natives for its culture, food, traditions, beauty & Hazratganj. Hazratganj, The Park Avenue of Lucknow, as it is commonly referred to, is a bustling retail zone where many of the city's bazaars can be found. 

Ganjing is a phrase used by the residents here for meandering through the city's ganj market's spacious alleys and side streets. There are numerous hotels, restaurants, theaters, offices, and companies there. Hazratganj is like a miniature replica of New Delhi's Connaught Place. Hazratganj is one of the city's busiest retail districts. 

Before Independence, only British carriages were allowed on what is now known as Hazratganj road, but it was once known as Queens Way. Most of the stores in ganj are tucked away in its maze-like network of alleys. 

The Hazratganj market has been renovated to seem like a Victorian-era walkway, complete with brilliant lamps, seats, and fountains, thanks to a significant beautification drive in 2010-2011. The new renovations have completely revamped the once rundown marketplace. The stores are now standardized and well-aligned. 

How to explore Hazratganj? 

- Nearly every major Indian consumer product producer has a showroom or retail outlet there. 

- Hazratganj is home to a colossal variety of shops selling everything from new and used automobiles to antiques and fine jewelry. 

- You can find various stores in Hazratganj that specialize in the fashionable Lucknow Chikan fabric. 

- You may find many different types of handicrafts at Gurjari, Handloom Emporium, and Gandhi Ashrams, to name a few.

- Hazratganj is home to the British Council Library. So if you are interested in scrolling through the history of India, this library can fulfill your aspirations. 

- In Hazratganj, four Lucknow institutions stand out: the Mayfair cinema, which regularly screened the best English films; the British Council Library (Lucknow branch); the Lucknow coffee house, which prominent Indian dignitaries frequented. 

- Visit the Ram Advani Bookshop, widely considered to be the best-managed bookstore in India.

- There is also a Hanuman temple nearby to visit.

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