Arad Fort

The Arad Fort was constructed in the 15th century and is located in Arad, Bahrain. This fort is one of the smaller defensive strongholds found in Bahrain in the manner of Islamic forts. The fort is close to the fundamental canals connecting Bahrain Island and Muharraq Island.


  • Learn about the site's history: Before the Portuguese conquest of Bahrain in 1622 A.D., Arad Fort was constructed in the traditional style of Islamic forts during the 15th century A.D. before the invasion. Due to its advantageous location, which overlooks several sea routes leading to Muharraq Island, was utilized as a defensive bastion throughout history.
  • It serves as an excellent vantage point for onlookers: Its current location allows it to gaze out over several different water channels that lead to Muharraq's shallow seashores.
  • Observe the intricacy of the structure: The fort is in the shape of a square, and there is a tower at each of the four corners. It is encircled by a shallow ditch formerly stocked with water drawn from wells that had been dug specifically for the function of the structure. There are holes in the form of a nose for shooters located in every corner of the upper wall of the fort.
  • Understand the scope of material used in design and construction: Only historically accurate and reliable materials, such as coral stone, lime, and tree trunks, were utilized in the construction of Arad Fort so that its historical significance and authenticity could be preserved. There is no use of cement or other materials that are inconsistent with the historical architecture or diminish the value of the building's historical significance.
  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Arad Fort

Road No. 4233, Al Muharraq Bahrain

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