A trip to Al Baha is a trip to another Saudi Arabia. This high-altitude city in the Hijaz region is a location of storied towers, verdant forests, and winding valleys in a nation that is frequently defined by ochre desert. The city, which is located 2,500 meters above sea level and has comfortable temperatures, is a great area to go hiking, have a picnic, or camp.

A bustling souq and 1,001 stone qasbah lookout towers constructed by the ancient Zahran and Ghamid tribes helped the region develop a distinct cultural character. There are more than 40 forests around the city, which may be found if you travel outside of the city over twisting mountain bends and past pomegranate and apricot orchards.

The secluded settlement of Sheda, which offers breathtaking views across the verdant valleys and cliffs of the Sarawat Mountains, is tucked away halfway up Jabal Mussala Ibrahim.

The unusual plants like the Dendrosicyos tree and the white Capparis cartilaginea flower have been able to flourish because as you ascend, the air becomes significantly cooler and drier. You'll see historic stone buildings dotted along the highway as you ascend the scenic slopes, providing a window into a different era and a different community.

Raghadan Forest Park, located in the cool Sarawat Mountains west of the city, was originally a wilderness area but has been gently transformed for visitors. It now features a paved trail leading up into forested hills inhabited by cheeky baboons. The winding road that leads to Dhee Ayn is visible from the path's summit, as are the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Make sure to stop for a snack at a food stand or a neighborhood BBQ in the hills to savor as the sun sets, whether you spend the weekend camping, riding a zip line, or doing yoga in the forest.

The cuboid structures, also known as the Marble Village, were constructed out of slate and stone more than 400 years ago and left for dead in the 1980s. It is a lovely experience to wander through its winding lanes, especially in the golden hours when the sun catches the white marble and the vivid Sarawat mountain range in the distance.

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