If you are interested in experiencing some history, culture, and excitement, you should make your way to Hail.

Even though it has a long history of serving as a crossroads and a trade hub for Levantine, Assyrian, and Babylonian cultures, the oasis city of Ha'il is still rather famous in modern times. Stone circles, ancient tools, and rock art are all things that can be discovered in the countryside of this region.

You can't ignore the call of the peaks, can you? In the heart of the towering mountains, the charming city is endowed with breathtaking scenery and abundant vegetation, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation. Also, travelers will stop in Hail and inquire about its points of interest as they make their way toward Makkah.

Because the people of Ha'il are famed for their generosity, it shouldn't be as much of a surprise that the legendary poet and king Hatem al-Tai, considered to be the embodiment of generosity and compassion, was born there. The tale of Hatem is told in 'Arabian Nights,' also written centuries ago. The Ha'il city of Towaren serves as the location of his burial.

One of the most well-known worldwide events in this city is called the Hail International Rally. This rally includes competitions for motorbikes, quads, and vehicles and takes place in Umm Al Qulban, Baqaa, and Al Ghazalah. One more is the Desert Festival, which celebrates the area's culture.

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  • Due to certain cultural and political rules, female visitors must be met by a sponsor upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • Allow plenty of time for your visa application. Issuing visas into Saudi Arabia is a bureaucratic process, which involves in-depth background checks and investigation into the purpose of your visit.
  • Playing music in public is prohibited
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