Millions of pilgrims who come to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj or Umrah make Medina one of their primary stops because it is one of the two holiest places in Islam. After he departed from Makkah in 622 A.D. from the Hijrah, the Prophet Muhammad resided and taught in Medina.

Even though the name of the city is typically spelled Medina in English, its full name 'Al Medina Al Munawwarah' translates to 'the Enlightened City.' Many Muslims have always wanted to visit Medina because of the significance of the place in the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Prophet's Mosque, also known as Al-Masjid a Nabawi, was built by Prophet himself and served as his burial place and the city's focal point. A magnificent mosque with ten minarets, it is well worth a visit. The Dar Al Medina Museum with a private collection of city's history and legacy, and the terminus station of the Hijaz Railway, which once transported pilgrims all the way from Damascus, Syria, are just a couple of the fascinating museums in Medina.

After you have witnessed the magnificence of Medina's Islamic holy places, the surrounding landscape is home to a variety of breathtaking natural attractions. Medina, which is situated in the Hijaz region on Saudi Arabia's western shore, serves as a suitable starting point for quick excursions to the Red Sea and further into the desert. Yanbu may have a pristine, undeveloped coral reef where it is simple to indulge in water sports. The most intriguing and mysterious archaeological site in Saudi Arabia is Hegra. Al Wahbah Crater, an underground volcanic outburst, has an unearthly, fantastical, and terrestrial appearance. The Khaybar Fort is perched on a rocky outcrop above a date palm oasis.

The cuisine is diversified thanks to the international pilgrims who came to Medina. One of the dining alternatives is a branch of the well-known Saudi fried chicken restaurant Albaik. The opulent hotels have higher-end sit-down eateries. A recurrent tourist favorite at the Shaza Al Madina hotel is Arabesque.

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