Dubai Dolphinarium

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The Dolphinarium is an innovative indoor facility that provides a variety of educational and entertaining activities. It features a main arena with seating for visitors to watch dolphin and seal displays, as well as a separate area known as the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show, where visitors can watch captivating bird performances.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is widely recognized for its thrilling exhibitions featuring dolphins and seals. Experience the impressive talents of expertly trained dolphins and seals as they perform a variety of entertaining tricks, all under the careful guidance of their skilled trainers. Witness captivating shows and gain knowledge about intelligent marine mammals during the visit.

Apart from the captivating dolphin and seal shows, Dubai Dolphinarium boasts an array of other attractions within its premises. At Creek Park, visitors have the opportunity to witness the captivating performances of a diverse range of bird species at the Exotic Bird Show. In addition to its primary offerings, the facility boasts a mirror maze and a 7D cinema, providing visitors with even more options for entertainment.

Things to do at Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Enjoy Dolphin and Seal Shows:

Witness the awe-inspiring performances of intelligent and agile dolphins and seals on display. These magnificent marine mammals put on captivating performances packed with entertaining tricks, synchronized swimming, and acrobatics.

  • Interactive Sessions:

Participate in interactive sessions with the dolphins to get up close and personal. Touch, interact, and engage with these gentle creatures under the supervision of qualified trainers. It's a rare opportunity to discover more about their intelligence and behavior.

  • Mirror Maze:

The Mirror wall is a mind-bending attraction where you try to find your way out of a wall of mirrors. It's a fun, all-around game that will test how well you can see and solve puzzles.

  • 7D Cinema:

At Dubai Dolphinarium, one can immerse themselves in the realm of 7D cinema. Combining 3D visuals with dynamic motion seats, wind, rain, and other sensory elements, exhilarating short films are presented with special effects that immerse the viewer in the action.

  • Gift Shop:

In the Dubai Dolphinarium gift shop, one can find a variety of marine-themed mementos, toys, clothing, and memorabilia. It is an excellent location to purchase souvenirs or gifts for oneself or loved ones.

  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Dubai Dolphinarium

Umm Hurrair 2 St Creek Park Gate 1, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Monday
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  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
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  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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