Wild Wadi Waterpark

We are all thrill seekers, and engaging in adventurous activities is always enjoyable as well as frightening but freeing. You can experience everything at the Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, including challenging attractions for courageous and easy-going thrill-seekers alike. 

This exciting amusement park, which is situated near Jumeirah Beach and in front of the magnificent Burj Al Arab, will up your excitement levels. The captivating characters of Sindbad are the center of this thrilling amusement park. Juha, folklore, etc. Discover a variety of thrilling coasters, slides, and other activities that may amuse visitors of all ages. 

Best Things to do: 

Enjoy a world-famous water park with over 30 exciting rides and other family-friendly activities. 

Juha's Journey: Sit on a single or double-seater tube and take a quiet rest as you float along this 360-meter-long flowing river that flows through the park. 

The biggest wave pool in the world is located in Breaker's Bay. As you sit and take in the breathtaking vistas, enjoy the up-and-down motion. Enjoy the Flood River's rapids and the expansive Breaker's Bay, which has the largest wave pool in the Middle East. 

Based on the intriguing Arabian folktale in which Juha and his sailor companion Sinbad are the main characters 

For your kids, the park's Dhow, Lagoon, and Juha's Journey may be explored through hands-on water gun play. 

Tantrum Alley is a thrilling slide that leads to the splash pool after forcing you to navigate three tornadoes. 

Burj Surj: Huge splash pool at the end of spiraling slides with multiple turns. 

Jumeirah Sceirah is a 120-meter long, 80 km/h, enormous, heart-pounding slide. One of the most popular rides among those who are adrenaline freaks. 

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Hint Hunt: A thrilling and enjoyable activity area where you can climb a mountain with family or friends while solving mysteries and riddles in a small space within 60 minutes. 

After all the excitement, treat yourself to a delicious supper at one of the park's five restaurants or snack bars. Pizzas, hamburgers, fries, fruit juice, flavored milk, shawarmas, fried chicken, and many other options are available for you to choose from. 

Souk Al Wadi, Air Tattoo, Sinbad's Car, and Shahbandar Souk are the four retail establishments and gift stores at Wild Wadi Water Park where you can buy water toys, swimming nappies, T-shirts, anti-slip socks, swimwear, towels, and souvenirs.

  • imageDuration Required
    5 hours

Address of Wild Wadi Waterpark

Opp. Burj Al Arab - Jumeirah St Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai, Dubai 26416 United Arab Emirates

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