The Lost Chambers Aquarium

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the biggest in the United Arab Emirates and is brimming with top-notch displays and unforgettable adventures. You can visit more than 20 exhibits and more than 65000 aquatic animals with your one-day aquarium admission. You may learn more about this intriguing world by visiting Lost Chambers, and you can also learn how these creatures are cared for. You may simulate being in the clear waters of the ocean with thousands of other marine animals by visiting this aquarium. Best Things to do: Get the pleasure of riding on several fantastic, record-breaking, thrilling, and exciting rides. Enter the Lost Chambers Aquarium to find yourself in a labyrinth of underwater glass tunnels filled with piranhas, lobsters, sharks, stingrays, and seahorses. One of the best instances of integrating technology into exhibitions and museums to create a seamless experience is the aquarium. You can discover more about each species via interactive touch screens. The concept of the Lost City of Atlantis is what excites me the most. Pet virtual polar bears, penguins, and other creatures when you try out the virtual reality experience. As you explore the Lost Chambers, look out for the colorful clownfish, frightening moray eels, enormous grouper fish, and other spectacular species. Diving at Lost Chambers Aquarium: You'll be able to observe an amazing diversity of aquatic life thanks to this diving experience at the aquarium with an Atlantis theme. Before getting suited in your gear, you will first meet the crew. You will then proceed to Ambassador Lagoon after listening to a safety briefing. Explore the arches and ruins that depict the ancient city by diving into the crystal-clear water with the assistance of a knowledgeable instructor. Swim alongside schools of enormous rays, vibrant fish, and reef sharks and take in the amazing marine life before coming back to the surface. At the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you must select between the Discovery Dive and the Explorer Dive. Only certified divers have the option of choosing the Explorer Dive; everyone else must choose the Discovery Dive. Snorkeling at Lost Chambers Aquarium: The best snorkeling is available at Dubai's Lost Chambers Aquarium. You will explore the 65,000 aquatic species that live in this amazing underwater habitat. There is no prerequisite diving or snorkeling experience needed for this thrilling activity. Put on your snorkeling gear after receiving an introduction, float into the stunning Ambassador Lagoon, and then dive in. Float above the water's surface to see a breathtaking variety of multicolored aquatic life, including reef sharks, rays, and shimmering fish.

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    3 hours 59 minutes

Address of The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Avenues in Atlantis, The Palm Crescent Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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