Mall of the Emirates

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Did you ever think that a mall, with its numerous restaurants on every corner and theaters that are necessary for pleasing the eyes and feet, might be much more enjoyable than a location to fill your shopping bags? This mall is unique due to features like the breathtaking waterfall scenery, ice skating, and an exotic aquarium that offers scuba diving experiences.

With more than 100 cafes and restaurants, Dubai's original flavors and cultural diversity are presented to you together with some of the tastiest meals and snacks. The Mall of the Emirates is a destination that one can never be let down.

Magic Planet: 

It is a fantastic recreation area for people of all ages, but for children, in particular, it is a paradise. This lively area is very amazing and offers fun and camaraderie to people of all ages. It is located on level 2 of the Mall of Emirates.

You can enter this location between the hours of 10 am and 11 pm. You'll notice that everything is well-kept and organized, and the personnel is really friendly. Visit the Magic Planet when you are in the Mall of Emirates, without a doubt.

Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center: 

The Dubai Community Theatre and Arts is a must-see if you're a theater and art enthusiast. There are art galleries and a theater where plays are performed. One could also attempt to attend the seminars that are held each year if they are interested in learning more about Dubai's art and culture.

A stunning location for art enthusiasts and ardent photographers. Open from nine in the morning until ten at night, the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center is accessible.

Go Sports Mega Store: 

If you want adventure and are looking for something to do in Dubai that is enjoyable in addition to shopping at the gigantic Mall of the Emirates, try rock climbing at the Go Sports Mega Store. Along with shopping and other uninteresting activities, this will keep you occupied. All people can participate in this activity, not just adults and children.

A Shopper's Delight

  • Luxury and High-Street Brands - Mall of the Emirates is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts, boasting an impressive array of luxury and high-street brands from around the world. From haute couture to trendy streetwear, the mall's diverse retail offerings cater to every taste and style, ensuring a rewarding shopping experience for all visitors.
  • Fashion District: A Haven of Glamour - The Fashion District within the mall is a haven of glamour and elegance, housing some of the most sought-after luxury fashion labels and designer boutiques. Discerning shoppers can revel in a world of sophistication as they browse through the latest collections and exclusive pieces.

A World of Entertainment

  • Ski Dubai: An Alpine Adventure in the Desert - One of the most iconic attractions at Mall of the Emirates is Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Spanning over 22,500 square meters, this winter wonderland offers snow-filled slopes, ski lessons, snowboarding, and even penguin encounters, making it a thrilling and unique experience for both locals and tourists.
  • VOX Cinemas: Movie Magic Redefined - Cinephiles are in for a treat with VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates. Featuring the latest blockbusters and cutting-edge cinematic technologies, including IMAX and 4DX, moviegoers can immerse themselves in a world of cinematic magic and unparalleled viewing experiences.

Culinary Delights

  • The Dining Collection - Mall of the Emirates boasts an exquisite dining collection, where foodies can embark on a culinary journey like no other. From international cuisines to gastronomic delights, the mall's restaurants, cafes, and food courts cater to diverse palates, ensuring that every meal is a delightful affair.
  • Fine Dining and Michelin-Starred Cuisine - For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience, the mall offers a selection of fine dining establishments and Michelin-starred restaurants. Indulge in gourmet dishes crafted by world-renowned chefs, complemented by impeccable service and stylish ambiance.

Family-Friendly Fun

  • Magic Planet: Entertainment Galore - Magic Planet is the ultimate family entertainment center at Mall of the Emirates, where children and adults alike can enjoy a plethora of exciting games, thrilling rides, and interactive activities. The center promises a day filled with laughter and joy for the whole family.
  • Children's Play Areas and Kidzania - The mall's dedicated children's play areas and Kidzania, an interactive edutainment park, ensure that the little ones have a fantastic time while parents shop or relax. These safe and engaging spaces provide endless opportunities for creative play and learning.

Pampering and Wellness

  • SEPHORA and Beauty Haven - For beauty enthusiasts, Mall of the Emirates offers a haven of pampering and indulgence with SEPHORA, a beauty wonderland that showcases an extensive collection of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances from renowned brands.
  • Wellness Retreats and Spas - The mall also features wellness retreats and spas, where visitors can unwind and rejuvenate amidst serene surroundings. Whether it's a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a tranquil spa experience, these wellness havens provide an oasis of calm in the bustling mall.

Planning Your Visit

  • Mall Timings and Services - Mall of the Emirates welcomes shoppers and visitors daily, with extended hours on weekends and holidays. The mall provides a range of services, including valet parking, prayer rooms, currency exchange, and tourist assistance, ensuring a convenient and comfortable visit.
  • Getting There - Mall of the Emirates is easily accessible by public transportation, with a dedicated metro station directly connected to the mall. For those driving, ample parking spaces are available for a hassle-free experience.


Mall of the Emirates Dubai is a world-class destination that captivates and delights with its luxurious shopping, unrivaled entertainment, and family-friendly attractions. Whether you seek the latest fashion trends, an adrenaline-pumping ski adventure, gourmet delights, or moments of relaxation, the mall offers an all-encompassing experience like no other. Plan your visit to Mall of the Emirates and embark on a journey of shopping extravagance and entertainment wonderland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the opening hours of Mall of the Emirates Dubai?

A: Mall of the Emirates Dubai is open from 10:00 am to 1:00 am every day.

Q. What are the popular attractions at Mall of the Emirates Dubai?

A: Mall of the Emirates Dubai is home to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, as well as Magic Planet, a family entertainment center, and VOX Cinemas, a 24-screen cinema complex.

Q. What are the dining options available at Mall of the Emirates Dubai?

A: Mall of the Emirates Dubai has over 700 dining options, ranging from fast food to fine dining. Some popular options include The Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack, and P.F. Chang's.

Q. What are the nearby hotels to Mall of the Emirates Dubai?

A: Some of the nearby hotels to Mall of the Emirates Dubai include Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, and Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

Q: What is the Mall of the Emirates?

A: The Mall of the Emirates is a shopping mall located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the second-largest mall in Dubai and the 12th-largest mall in the world. The mall has over 630 stores, including a number of luxury brands. It also has an indoor ski resort, an ice skating rink, and a number of other entertainment options.

Q: What are the two unique things about the Mall of the Emirates?

A: The two unique things about the Mall of the Emirates are:

  • It is home to the world's first indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai.
  • It has a 22-screen cinema complex, the largest in the Middle East.

Q: What are the things to do at the Mall of the Emirates?

A: Here are some of the things you can do at the Mall of the Emirates:

  • Go shopping: The mall has over 630 stores, including a number of luxury brands.
  • Visit Ski Dubai: Ski Dubai is the world's first indoor ski resort. It has 5 slopes and 250 meters of vertical drop.
  • Go ice skating: The mall has an ice skating rink that is open year-round.
  • See a movie: The mall has a 22-screen cinema complex.
  • Eat at a restaurant: The mall has over 200 restaurants, serving food from all over the world.
  • Play games: The mall has a number of arcades and game centers.
  • Relax at the spa: The mall has a number of spas and salons.
  • Take a break at the food court: The mall has a large food court with over 100 food stalls.

Q: How to get to the Mall of the Emirates?

A: The Mall of the Emirates is easily accessible by car, taxi, or the Dubai Metro. The nearest metro station is the Mall of the Emirates station.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about the Mall of the Emirates?

A: Here are a few other things you should know about the Mall of the Emirates:

  • It is a popular tourist destination, so it can get crowded, especially on weekends.
  • There are a number of events and festivals held at the mall throughout the year.
  • It is a great place to spend a day shopping, dining, and exploring.
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Address of Mall of the Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Mall of the Emirates

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