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Since the word 'Pile' comes from the Greek word 'pilai,' which means 'door,' it follows that Pile Gate has been and continues to be the main entry to the city for many years. It consists of a set of doorways on the outside and inside of the walls, two bridges—a three-arched stone bridge built and designed by Paskoje Milicevic, and a wooden drawbridge that replaced the last arch in the sixteenth century. 

Things to do at Pile Gate:

Walk through the corridors of time-honored and time-tested magnificence: 

The western entrance to Dubrovnik's old town is formed by the outer and inner Pile gates, which have a commanding presence. As you travel back in time, you are welcomed by the stunning Stradun or promenade. Stay around to appreciate the stonewalls and taking in the music the Stonebridge plays.

Have a blast while spotting similarities from the Games of Thrones set:

As you come closer to the gates, you'll undoubtedly have a sense of déjà vu because you saw them in the popular modern television series Game of Thrones as a part of The Kingsroad. 

From Pile, you can also take in views of a little fishing harbor that lies between the forts of Bokar and Lovrijenac:

Fort Bokar is on the left, while Fort Lovrijenac is on the right. The second and third seasons of Game of Thrones featured all Pile corners as backdrops. Fort Bokar and the moat that encircled the outer part of the city walls served as defenses for the Pile Gates, a fortified complex with many doors. 

The drawbridge at Pile Gate is still open today, and the moat has been transformed into a lovely garden:

You'll be able to imagine the numerous other people who have passed through the gate since the 1500s as you move along the tunnel. The medieval walls that rise imposingly on either side of the pedestrian-only bridge barely show any wear and tear. The main street of Dubrovnik's Old Town and the Statue of St. Blaise can be found on the opposite side. 

Explore the neighborhood:

The famous Fountain of Onofrio is only a short distance away once you pass through Pile Gate. The fountain, built in the 1440s, is currently ranked among the most fantastic attractions in Dubrovnik. However, it was a significant water supply for the locals long before this because it delivered water from the Dubrovacka River to the Old Town. The Fountain of Onofrio remained unaltered for more than 200 years. Although a significant earthquake in 1667 reduced its size, it did not affect its aura. 

St. Saviour Church is located behind the fountain. It's interesting to note that the church was spared damage during the 1667 earthquake despite being close to the fountain.

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Ulica Vrata od Pila, Dubrovnik 20000 Croatia

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